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Contemporary Dance for Professionals

The training starts with playful and simple exercises to warm up, stretch and strengthen the body. After first short combinations, more complex movement sequences and choreographic phrases follow which allow the dancers to find their own dynamics, to improve professional qualities and to overcome boundaries. The technical exploration of our body with gravity and the weight as well as the principles “pull, fall and push, direction and counter direction” are important components of the training. The techniques ease the handling of our movement and save energy. The physical and energetic training also sharpens the own awareness, the aliment of the body and presence, prepares for the demands in a professional dancer environment and to protects against injuries.


Since 2017 member of freaky profi training at Ehrenfeldstudios Cologne

Dock 11 Berlin/ Theater + eWerk Freiburg/ Quartier am Hafen Cologne/Tanzmoto Dance Company Essen/Tanzzentrale Nuremberg

Contemporary Dance - Technique and Komposition for Adults

The technical examination of the body, gravity and (counter)directions are important components of the entire workout. After beginning with playful exercises and first simple episodes, movements through the room between all levels follow. In repetition of choreographic phrases, learned principles are be practiced and experienced. Afterwards the participants are invited to express their own creativity. Practical tools and techniques from improvisation and composition are imparted to further develop existing material or create new ones. The goal is to enrich our dance and our vocabulary of movement, to rediscover it and also to take your own little piece back home.


Tanzzentrale Nuremberg/TENZA Schmiede Dresden, Brotfabrik Bonn