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What happened before

An experiment with fear. Dance performance

In our society, fear and anxiety are widespread. The performance poses the question of the influence of social, cultural conditioning on the phenomenon of fear. To what extent does this perhaps even develop an anxious body? The performers go in search of the roots of their own fears. They seek confrontation with fear, expose themselves to fear, make themselves vulnerable. It rubs them the longing for a fearless body.

Choreography Maria Golding in cooperation with the
Dancers Pak Hong Lua, Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Sophia Seiss, Karoline Strys, Tim Weseloh
Psychology consultation Kristina Eichel
Photo/Film Dorina Köbele-Milas, Irina Ledniova, Michele Brancati

Premiere 31. March 2016 at Kulturbunker, Cologne (D)