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Die Hoffnung ist ein gutes Frühstück, aber ein schlechtes Abendbrot

The brave new world existed only in the imagination. According to Francis Bacon’s paintings, the world is a slaughterhouse on the move. Worse than the one Cassandra predicted. Inspired by the pictorial power of the Irish painter, an ensemble sets out in search of the code of evilness. A dance body in the field of tension of forces is shown, which is spectacularly mutated and deformed by projections. An ensemble, equipped with motion sensors, keypad and controller, carries the audience away into digital realities. On the one hand, it questions images that generate wars; on the other hand, it also mounts them in a setting in which levels overlap, war and violence appear as almost omnipresent phenomena. In this dance performance, the methods of choreography, media informatics, stage art and digital high technology merge into a stirring new theatrical language. With excessive physicality, the dancers explore the abysses of the human soul and question the fundamental patterns of human behaviour, which threaten to blur between archaic and cultural gestures.

Direction/Choreography Max Bilitza
Dance Phaedra Pisimisi, Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Camila Scholtbach
Video Art/Motion Capture Doaa Darwish
Digital Media Media Computing Gruppe (Director: Prof. Ido Iurgel)
Stage design Teresa Grünhage
Light design Dirk Gelbrich

Premiere 8. March 2018 at Liebfrauenkirche Duisburg, Germany