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Continuum is a work about the impossibility of meeting in the contemporary society. This project was born from the idea of Liquid Modernity and the constant state of fluidity in the contemporary life. In the piece three performers find themselves in a situation of constant trying and failing, which generates a serie of impossible meetings. A meeting that never happens was the axial for the development of the performance.

Choreography Bianca Mendonca
Performer Marília Silva, Nikos Konstantakis, Stefanie Schwimmbeck
Dramaturgy Judith Ouwens
Photo/Film Ursula Kaufmann, Klaus Dilger

Premiere 19. April 2015 in the frame of  TANZ NRW at PACT Zollverein, Essen (D)

 Press comments

„… a dancing sketch as touching as a bouquet of flowers laid down in a concentration camp.“
by Sabine Leucht /14. July 2015

“Continuum was probably the most interesting, choreographically , of the evening, involving three people caught in a state of uncertainty and unpredictability as the moved, running about the stage barely making contact before picking up the tempo and eventually coming together in an embrace and handshake. The movement was quite naive and undemanding, but there was a sense of urgency and paranoia to it which simply strengthened the choreographer’s impression of modern-day mans conflict with daily life and its struggles.”
by Dance Europe – October 2015