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An intercultural dialogue about the perfect body

The cult of the own and foreign body has its origin already in antiquity, whether with the Egyptians and their full body shave or by the corset & hoop skirt, which was widespread in the baroque period – the disfigurement, alienation and transformation of the body was and is a central trademark that runs through all epochs.
Between political necessity and desired sex, the dance performance pUFFING bODIES wants to question the (in)possible transformations of the body. As a continuation of the series “Body as Display”, the ensembles IPtanz from Cologne & the Maya Dance Theatre from Singapore are dedicated to the dialogue between body motifs, metaphors of movement and utopian visions.
The cult of the body increasingly removes the separation between the biological body and the artificially created. EXTREME bodies are created to stand out from the masses. The holistic staging takes place every day on the streets, in public spaces, upgrading by e.g. external interventions and dietary supplement concepts are becoming more and more part of everyday life, as well as the simultaneous devaluation of the natural body.
In pUFFING bODIES IPtanz and Maya Dance Theatre Singapore stage the view of the body and the contemporary handling of it in an intercultural discourse. Four dancers*, four bodies – as a fashionable, as a political platform, as a social condition between artificial design possibilities and the biological process of aging.

by IPtanz (Cologne, Germany) in cooperation with Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

Artistic director  Ilona Pàszthy
Choreography Kavitha V. Krishnan, Ilona Pászthy
Dance Eva Tey Yi Ql, Sebastian Tan Bo Hern,Diana Treder, Stefanie Schwimmbeck
Music Zsólt Varga
Set design/Stenography miegL
Dramaturgy Singapore Andy Yang
Photos/Camera/Cut Barbara Schröer
Photography Mayer Originals

Premiere 19. September 2019 at Bunker k101, Cologne (Germany)