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A space in a space

A sculptural intercultural dance installation

In a transcultural dialogue between artists* from Germany and the Republic of the Congo, an approach to questions of the value of the body, the “I” and the turning point to transience is attempted. How does value arise, how does it fade away and WHY? Our skin – a biological container of our I. Organs, nerves, all genetic information in every single cell – they are containers of our thoughts and emotions, our memories, our experiences and our generation-spanning history.
Together with the visual artist miegL (GER), IPtanz (GER) and the Cie. Plante Planétaire (Brazzaville / Rep. Congo) have developed an installative sculptural dance performance. This transcontinental exchange looks at current phenomena and effects of globalized societies. The artistic collaboration is a pioneering project: for the first time German artists have developed a production with a company from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.

by IPtanz (Cologne) in cooperation with Cie. Plante Planétaire (Brazzaville / Republic of Congo) and miegL (Sculpture / Cologne)

Choreography Ilona Pàszthy (GER), Jean Claude Kodia (CG)
Dance Diana Treder (GER), Stefanie Schwimmbeck (GER), Jean Francis Pandzou (CG), Lea Rosalie Tamboué (CG)
Technique/Light Marc Brodeur (GER), Jajus Nkounkou (CG)
Music Christoph Schuhmacher (GER), Paulin Lukombo (CG)
Set design/Sculpture miegL (GER)
Dramaturgy Christina Schelhas (GER)
Assistent Theo Katsalis (GER)
Management Winfried Hoffmann (GER)

Premiere 31. August 2018 at Barnes Crossing, Cologne (GER)

 Press comments

„An interesting production of the intercultural ensemble, which did not retreat to abstract political concepts, but offered plenty of dance. How man claims space as a person could be impressively observed in the dance figures of the quartet. At the same time, the threat to which the human species is exposed in the space of nature through the danger of suffocating in the garbage of civilization remained always present.“
by Thomas Linden – Cologne Culture/Kölnische Rundschau/4. September 2018